Sangini House, Surat

This office building for the Sangini group characterises new strategies for a flexible, column-free office space that creates a new urban venture in the city’s dense business district.

The Terracotta House, Agra

The Terracotta House by Archohm
The earthy material is seen in a contemporary, bold avatar.

Emaar DigiHomes Gurugram

Featuring the experience center and the sample flat in Emaar DigiHomes Gurugram, India.

Forest Essentials Factory, Rishikesh Uttarakhand 

Situated in Lodsi village near Rishikesh, the company advocates empowering women to earn their daily bread, thus most of their employees are the locals.

Spectra Raaya Experience Center, Bengaluru

Located in Whitefield, Bengaluru; the Spectra Raaya Experience Center was envisioned as an interplay of the indoor and the outdoor. Designed by Collage Architecture Studio, the center itself largely follows a clean, minimal and modern aesthetic which is largely complemented by lush green landscape on its periphery.

Stonex Factory, Kishangarh

Stonex India’s administrative and industrial complex serves as an eminent landmark in Kishangarh. Product of simultaneous interactions between dynamic ordering of principles across varying systems and scales, and responses towards the site, the complex succeeds in carving out a niche of its own amidst the industrial landscape. 

The Song of the Earth and the Sky

The Aga Khan Trust for Culture in association with the Gujral Foundation, has commissioned a pleated pavilion titled "The Song of the Earth and the Sky" at the Sunder Nursery, New Delhi, designed by the architect and artist Ankon Mitra.

The Seventy

Featuring a residence in Noida by AND Studio, New Delhi 

The Story of JCB India Customer Experience

The Story of JCB India is a state of the art customer experience totalling  900m2, located within the new JCB India headquarters in Ballabhgarh near Delhi, India. Designed by Studio MB, UK

Ping Pong Office, New Delhi

Ping Pong is a fully family owned & controlled organization founded by Sh Subhash Chander Jain(Chairman).

AND Studio Delhi, led by Ar Love Chaudhry was responsible for the design work of this project.

Scholar's Rosary Elementary School

Featuring a school in Rohtak by Axiom India, New Delhi 

Sky Bungalows

Featuring an massive 6800 sq ft apartment in Kanpur by AND Studio, New Delhi