World Environment Day 2020 | Time to Preserve Nature or Perish

These words are spoken by Charlie Chaplin and still resonate today. 80 years since then and we haven't changed a bit rather made thing a lot more worse. The footages are from Delhi, one of the most polluted cities of the world, is home to mountains of trash and the dying Yamuna river.

The Forest

"The Forest" takes us on a journey through the Himalayan forests in Uttarakhand that one usually does not see in the tourist magazines. 

Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah

Nizamuddin Dargah is the dargah of one of the Sufi saints, Khwaja Nizamuddin Auliya. Situated in the Nizamuddin West area of Delhi, the dargah is visited by thousands of pilgrims every week. The site is also known for its evening qawwali devotional music sessions.

A Lost Garden Emerges: Sunder Nursery

Listed by the Time magazine as one of the greatest places of 2018, Sunder nursey is a place of calm and peace in the heart of New Delhi. The place was brought to life by years of restoration work which was undertaken by the Aga Khan Foundation. 


The Mausoleum of Bahu Begum created by Nawab Suja-ud-Daula in the memory of his loving wife is famous for the creative architectural brilliance with which it was designed and constructed. Shuja-ud-daula's wife was well known as Bahu Begum, who married the Nawab in 1743 and continued to reside in Faizabad.

Lodhi Art District, New Delhi

A quiet revolution has taken over the white walls of Lodhi Colony's leafy lanes. When the British built the last residential area of Lutyens’ Delhi, little did they know that the symmetrical facades would one day thrill street artists. Pop colours and abstract shapes draw our attention as we walk past modest blocks of shops and triple-storeys with fluttering clotheslines. The art is funky but it also calls out important issues: climate change, marginalised communities, the importance of calling your mum no matter how busy you get. 

The Himalayan Writing Retreat, Satkhol Uttarakhand

The Himalayan Writing Retreat is a first of it's kind in this part of the world. It was founded in 2016 by two published authors - Chetan Mahajan & Vandita Dubey. Chetan Mahajan is the co-founder of the Himalayan Writing Retreat. A Penguin-published author, he quit the corporate world and moved to a village in the Himalayas to be a full-time author and blogger over four years ago. The Himalayan Writing Retreat is all about helping people with their writing. He is also a writing coach with the London based the writing coach.

A Seasonal Pilgrimage

A story about the extraordinary journey of survival of the Siberian Seagulls. These birds migrate from harsh winters of Siberia and come to Delhi on the banks of Yamuna in the month of November every year. 

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